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105 N. Metter, Columbia IL 62236

Years: 14

Dates: December 1 - January 2

Number of Lights: no clue!

House: 102 years old

WOW was this ever a great find, submitted by a viewer. Columbia IL is only 13 miles from South County, so don’t say it’s too far away. The Main Street in Columbia has the sweetest old decorations on all the lamp posts... then you arrive at this beauty!

The homeowner says he gets everything on sale, 75% off, after Christmas, and makes it work. We loved the little animals that are sitting at the base of every porch post. The red poinsettias rimming the porch rail were something that we've never seen before, used very effectively. They’ve used the whole house and yard so perfectly, and they’ve still got room for more.

Don't Miss: The giant pickle bush gobbling up gum drops!!

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