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105 N. Metter, Columbia IL 62236

Years: 17

Dates: December 1 - January 2

Number of Lights: no clue!

House: 102 years old

Columbia IL is only 13 miles from South County, so don’t say it’s too far away. The Main Street in Columbia has the sweetest old decorations on all the lamp posts... then you arrive at this beauty!

This display has grown so much since the first time we saw it! The entire roof is lit, and if you need proof, look at the drone photo below and look how perfect it is! The front porch is absolutely radiant and sparkling. I love the tree in the corner, the carousel horse, the toy soldiers, the twin lions, the pegasus, I don’t know where to stop! The red poinsettias rimming the porch rail were something that we’ve never seen before, used very effectively. The towers of golden packages that greet you at the side walk. There is a Santa on the side of the house, pointed at the Senior home next door, that’s really nice! The lights are going 360˚ around the yard, and the entire detached garage is lit to match the house!

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