10621 St. Henry Lane, St. Ann MO 63074

Updated: Aug 3

Hours: 6:30 - 10:30 PM Halloween Week, even later than that!

You can’t miss this house when you come down the street. There was a nasty chemical spill that dumped toxic goo all over the place, watch where you step! Uniformed workers are trying to get it clean, break out your haz-mat suit. You can definitely “bring out your dead” to the Crematorium. They fired up the ovens while we were there, and showed us how it works. Don’t get too close, you might get burned!

Don’t Miss: Bodies dangling in the trees! That Jack-Lantern Man on the corner who is barfing up his guts of tiny pumpkins! The bloody baby sitting on the corner post. GROSS!!!

They are adding more blood and guts nightly, so keep going by, and be sure to Trick-or-Treat here, it’s a hot-spot!

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