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200 Ballyshannon Court, Ballwin Mo. 63021

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Hours: 5-10 PM

If you’re coming from the North on Reinke Road, you’ll see the back of this house first. But when you turn down the cul de sac you’ll see the island in the middle, and then finally you’ll see the house! So many lights and fun inflatables. This is a really special display. The home owner says she just ”writes the checks,” and the neighbor teen-age twin boys do all the work of climbing, wiring, installing, and programming everything. What a great deal! They know what they’re doing with programming lights! I like how they have small scenes across the yard that are each interesting to look at. I was told to come back in January when the whole display goes blue and white and calls on the SNOW from above! WOW! I can’t wait!

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