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4405 Jamieson Ave., St. Louis Hills, Mo. 63109

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Years: 24

Lights on: 5 PM

Lights off: 12 AM

Dates: November 25 - January 1

Theme: The Isle of Misfit Toys and Rudolph.

Don’t Miss: The sweetest little house meticulously decorated in perfect symmetry. Located across the street from Mom’s Deli, it’s a beacon of red and white Christmas lights on Jamieson Avenue. This has been one of our favorites for many years, so much so, that we use it on our business card!

This is how you take a small house and a small yard and maximize the space by narrowing it down to a color theme (red and white) and not leaving anything untouched by that color. Get out and walk up to this one, there are cute details to be found, and a working train!

This is the best use of rope lights we’ve ever seen.

NEW in 2022: The giant candy canes on the gate and flanking the front porch!

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