4432 Meadowgreen Estates Drive, Oakville MO. 63129

Hours: 5-9 PM

This Christmas display will be visible as soon as you turn onto the street, it’s big and bright and highly visible! We loved how they divided their display into different sections. The Holy family blow-mold set is front and center with wise men and camels, shepherds and their flock, and those choir boys in the trees are a fun touch, singing down on Mary and Joseph and their baby Jesus. Well done!

We also liked the white tree and reindeer area, it’s really pretty. There are a lot of blow molds to discover in this display, and one giant inflatable snowman standing watch from the back yard.

Don’t Miss: Their icicle lights on the gutters are 4 strands deep in some places. We love the effect of the white and blue and dripping with the row of colored bulbs at the top.

Roll your windows down to hear the music.

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St. Louis Missouri