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607 Calamar Court, O’Fallon, Mo. 63368

Tune in: 102.1

Pixels: 35,000

Songs: 57 songs in rotation, each night has 7-9 songs for a 30 minute show.

Donations: Hope Ministries Food Pantry of O’Fallon MO.

This is a major holiday light show set to music in O’Fallon MO. Please keep moving forward when there are 10+ cars behind you waiting for a better view.

The home owner suggests going on a weekday, because weekends are a madhouse!

My video will give you a preview, but you really need to see this in person, and make a donation please.

Lots of color, BIG snowflakes, trees, icicles, and the Holy Family.

Stay for a few songs, it’s amazing what they’ve done with this show.

How long does this take? The owner says he spends 2-4 hours to program 15 seconds of music. So for example, a 3:00 minute song would take 24-48 hours!


See more photos and videos on their website:

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