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614 Wyatt Court, St. Peter’s MO 63376

Hours: 6 - 10 PM

The 12 foot skeleton is reaching out to get you! Plus the 12 foot tall Rotting Pumpkin Skeleton, glaring at you through his burning eyes. There are lots of home made features in this yard, with a lot of time and creativity. Look for the Witches stirring up their brew, and the giant spider web, and that creative fence across the front. Lots of fun features from this house, they have won their neighborhood contest many times. New in 2023 is the Dracula with a 12 foot wing span, watch out as you pass, he may get ya!

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Jen Dotson-kyser
Jen Dotson-kyser
Oct 14, 2022

Dont forget to look for all the skeletons trying to make their way inside. They are climbing our walls! On Halloween we will also be fogging our graveyard! Thank you for looking!

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