Due to unruly behavior and overall lack of respect for the neighbors property,

this show is no longer playing. They are trying to find a solution, but until then,

no lights. They are heart broken that they’ve been forced to push STOP.

10,000 lights set to music. 100’s of hours spent programming.

Check out a video below to see what this really looks like.

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Donations in the RED BOX are for the Jefferson County Rescue Mission

To Meet The Physical, Emotional, And Spiritual Needs Of Homeless Men, Women And Children.

Neighbors helping Neighbors, that’s good!

13 Songs: 45 Minute Show

Songs List

1) Intro (Very Famous voice actor)

2) Thriller remix by Michael Jackson

3) Born For This by The Score (Tribute Song)

4) Grim Ginning Ghost by Voiceplay

5) Back In Black by AC\DC

6) Spooky Scary Skeltons Remix

7) This is Halloween

8) Mid Show reminder (Very Famous voice actor)

9) IT Theme song

10) Monster by SKillet

11) Light Em Up by Fall Out Boy

12) Adams Family Theme

13) Bangarang by Skrillex

14) Ghostbusters

15) Burn It Down by Linkin Park

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