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6532 Alder Avenue, Berkely MO 63134

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Hours: Dusk to 10PM

Years: 13 years building this creepy collection

The Nightmare on Alder was a LOT scarier in person that what we expected from the daytime photos. Wowza, you have to go see for yourself. We loved the sign that said: No Trespassing: We're Tired Of Hiding The Bodies. There are a lot of scenes to find, but we especially loved the big tree in the front, with the body dangling from a limb. Great fence and skeletons. Giant spiders on the roof, funny headstones to read. All lit by the full moon!

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The 'Nightmare on Alder' display is unique in its location, and well worth seeking out for its near-overload of creepy figures & features. The fencing & the lighting set the mood, but the numerous skeletons & ghouls & spiders (and the large vulture on the display sign out front) drive it all home for the visitors. Small in area, but HUGE in emotion. A hearty WELL DONE to the creator(s)!

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