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909 Dyerdown Ave. Ferguson MO. 63135

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Hours: 5-10 PM

We finally found a Skelly helping with the lights! He’s all decked out in a festive shirt to help keep his ribs warm this Winter. There are a lot of fun Christmas features to discover at this house. Check out those nutcrackers up by the house with the moving eyes! They have the leg lamp in the window, and it looks like they decorate a lot of trees inside as well as outside! We love a house that has so much light they create an up glow! Cute decorations that your kids will love, and a quiet little manger scene over to the right under a cross.

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Dec 15, 2023

Hard to miss & fun to explore, once you manage to navigate to its remote part of the hilly Ferguson subdivision. This display's strength comes in the variety of individual pieces that keep you looking around the front yard for more surprises. Most noteworthy are the animated eyes on the pair of tall nutcrackers flanking the equally large solid Santa (not the typical oversized inflatable St. Nick versions seen all around town). A strong second is the giant skeleton stringing tree lights, though you do have to search for him back near the house on the left. I was also fond of the small lit singing dog near the sidewalk (accompanied by a matching Santa & elf), while my …

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