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1051 Oak Glen Circle, Ballwin MO 63021

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Set on a spooky one acre lot, this display is so well done you’re going to tell your friends! The lighting is top-notch, look at how each area is a different color and the lights fill the trees with shadows.

Hours: 7-10 PM.

Smoke, animatronics and special effects are on weekends only, and Halloween night.

Get out of your car and walk down the driveway to see each scene. Take advantage of all the “selfie-stops”... sit in front of the wicked scarecrow if you dare and have a smile ready because it won’t last long!

Look for the giant home-made spider, his massive web, and that poor body that he spun into a cocoon, dangling and swinging, trying to get free!

Talking pumpkins (see video below), the grave yard, and so many creatures hanging over your head that you need to watch your step. And the things that jump at you, I won’t give it away, but you’ll JUMP!

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