HALLOWEEN in Soulard MO 63104

Updated: Jul 13

If you’re looking for a SAFE place to Trick-or-Treat, go to Soulard. Think of it as “destination Trick-or-Treating.” There are 60 houses participating in the 1 night event. They have created a Facebook page with a Map of the houses participating. https://www.facebook.com/Trick-or-Treat-Soulard-734875963552399/

You can get all the info you need from their page. We went tonight to see some of the houses and shops that are decorated, it is indeed full of paranormal activity, see for yourself! REALLY WELL DONE!

The guillotine at this first house is very well (ahem) executed, and the heads are all perched on stakes to prove it works! The house at 2317 Menard St. with the colored windows is so creepy, it's exactly what you’d fear in your dreams if you lived there! The house at 1036 with all the skeletons, even has a pack of dogs ransacking their garbage can, it’s so perfect!

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