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Photograph of Laura Thake
Photograph of Mitchell Miller

Many years ago, my nephew and I started our own holiday tradition—touring St. Louis homes aglow with gorgeous Christmas light displays. Sure, we know, we didn’t start this tradition, it’s just something we enjoy doing together. Through the years we've discovered some very inspiring Christmas displays, but we knew there were more, we just didn't know where, and we also knew other people shared the same frustration.


That's when we got the idea to create a home Christmas and Halloween lights display locator website featuring all the homes in the area we thought were worth the drive, give a brief description, location, along with a photo. The idea took off and we now have over 200 homeowners participating who have allowed us to showcase their homes on our site.


Now we're spreading the word to all St. Louisans eager for a little holiday spirit and inspiration, and for those who simply want to have a fun night out cruising St. Louis neighborhoods enjoying the beautiful Christmas and Halloween lights that add sparkle and warmth to a cold night. It’s great fun to pack the kids into the car—or friends, family and grandma—along with a thermos of hot chocolate and candy canes, and spend special time together during the holiday season. Maybe even make a surprise stop at Ted Drewes.


Enjoy! Happy Halloween, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year!


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In December of 2023, Mike Miller of St. Louis Magazine asked for tips about lighting up a house for Christmas. He covered my suggestions really well!


In October 2023, The Riverfront Times Jessica Rogen asked for help putting together a Slideshow of some of my best Halloween houses. I was happy to oblige:


Aisha Sultan of STL Today contacted me about featuring some Halloween houses in 2022. Here is her story:


Andrea Smith of Ladue News asked for more information about us. In her article titled 5 Things To Do on Christmas in the St. Louis Metro Area she share a variety of options for Christmas.


In 2021, Laura was interviewed by, the website that brings St. Louis gardens and gardeners to you. The founder of that website has her house on HLH, and asked for an interview about my process. Here's a link, and look at what a great resource this is while you're there. 


In 2020, we were contacted by KSDK Channel 5 in St. Louis about Light Hopping. Scott Connell wanted to visit three houses per night, for three nights in a row. We love that they did that, and provided names and addresses for their nights out. Here's a link to their story.


Thanks to Erin Herberholt and Anthony Simokaitis from Oakville Senior High for interviewing me, then taking a ROUTE and digging in for details. Our story starts at 12:35.

The Jefferson County Leader Tony Krausz called in 2020 and wanted to talk about Light Hopping. After we chatted, I sent him the names of some home owners in JeffCo to interview for his article:


KTRS 550AM The Guy Phillips Show had me on as a guest in 2019 with Heidi Glaus and Josh Gilbert, you can listen to that interview here:

KWMU 90.7FM also featured us as a guest on St. Louis On The Air with Don Marsh. We had a call in with one of the home owners as well. The podcast can be found here:

We were featured on KSDK Channel 5: Show Me St. Louis in November of 2017.

Watch above.

In October 2018, The Riverfront Times did an online story about our Halloween Lights, you can read it here:


We were also featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch in a feature article written by Erin Heffernan. We are most grateful for all the attention.

We were featured in the Webster Kirkwood Times in December of 2016. You can read the article here:

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