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General Contact

PLEASE use the SUBMIT A HOUSE if you want to have your house added to our list.


For any other question you may have, or info you’d like to share with Holiday Light Hopping, please us this form:

After you submit a house, be assured, we’ve got your info and you’ve been added to our list.

We try to be efficient with gas and time, so we make lists by region and go out on “runs” to neighborhoods after we have a few for that area.

If your house is going to be included, I’ll send you an e-mail and put a teaser on Facebook & Instagram.

Each house has it’s own page with photos and information, you can “share” your house on social media with your friends.

If your house is within this circle, we'll pay you a visit. If you're located on the outer reaches, we may ask for a snapshot. Thanks for understanding.


St. Louis Missouri