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1207 Port Royal Dr. Creve Coeur MO. 63146

Donations: Shelter Friends Animal Rescue

Dates: October 27-31, 2023

Hours: 7-9 PM

FREE walk through experience including the back yard, basement and garage where the experiments are taking place... and so MUCH MORE.

Do not miss this one! Greet T-Rex as you walk to the side yard, and be careful of the atomic space craft that they don’t get ya! Proceed to the side yard and take your time going through the pumpkin arches. Look in all the windows and pay your respects to Jack and Sally. Continue to the back yard where a circus parked in the middle of a cemetery! The circus tent holds a fortune teller, reading your cards. Enter the dungeon, er basement to view the miniature Halloween village and Hocus Pocus Witches! Back around the front, you can’t leave until you enter the Laboratory where experiments are taking place on man and beast! Three rooms of terror!

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