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5124 Saddlebrook Parkway, Imperial MO 63052

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Tune In: 88.5

Hours: 10 PM on week nights, 11 PM on weekends

Songs: 4

Tucked in the back of the subdivision, this is worth a visit! The light display is really bold and bright on the house. We included a video below.

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Josh Pfeffer
Josh Pfeffer
Dec 03, 2021

This is my favorite display in St. Louis (followed closely by a similar display in a neighborhood in Pevely). The pixels are done very well, the songs are unique and not just purchased from Betgeorge (not that there is anything wrong with that!). I just don't know when this display starts for the season. We checked on the weekend after Thanksgiving 2021 and the display wasn't on yet, but it was set up. Definitely check this one out though!

Replying to

Our display is up and running! Thanks for the nice comments. Glad you are enjoying our show. There have been changes made again.

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