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5331 Casa Royale Drive Oakville MO 63129

Updated: Aug 23

This is a large and super creepy Halloween display that you walk through to get to the candy. They have everything you want, including body parts on fence posts, heads laying around, and exceptional animatronics that talk to you when you approach them. There is a group on the front porch dining on body parts, a werewolf getting married to a severed head bride, and those little butlers with the eye balls!! gaaaa!!!

Every night between October 28 and Halloween, they’ll turn on the multiple fog machines and add a whole layer of chill to this yard. Enter The Dead Zone if you dare, the Butler will show you around. Look for the Skeletons grilling over a hot bed of brains!

Taking donations for ALS, look for the box on the left of the driveway.



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