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12961 Briar Fork Road, Des Peres MO. 63131

Hours: 5 PM - 12 AM

“Does someone need a hug?” Yes Buddy, we could all use a hug!

This charming yard has made some really great tributes to the movie Elf. You’ll see the Narwhale, and Buddy, and the 7 Levels of the Candy Cane Forest, but the show stopper is the Swirly Twirly Sea of Gum Drops... they really twirl! Notice all the new signs, like the Elf Foot Pyramid... candy, candy, candy and catsup! Get out of your car and take a selfie with an Elfie! Just watch the cords. Make a donation using the QR code on the signs along the sidewalk and “Treat Everyday Like Christmas!” This was the yard that I did the Facebook Live from, on December 6, 2022 in Des Peres.

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This house just brings on the joy! Smiles and giggles for miles. There is a lot of opportunity to make it a game of I Spy too.

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