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1927 Llewellyn Road, Swansea IL. 62223

Hours: 5 – 11 PM

Until: January 1

Quantity: Over 200 cut out characters that are all homemade and amazing!

Don’t Miss: It’s hard to pick just one, but Cousin Eddy is pretty memorable.

NEW in 2022: Donations are being accepted to honor their son, a firefighter. A special foundation was set up in his name. Brett’s First Responders Give whatever you can, anything helps.

Take your time and see all the cute little scenes that they’ve created in Swansea Il. There is literally a movie or cartoon scene for everyone! I wanted to leave a lot for discovery, so I’m only showing a portion of the double lot that goes on and on. There’s a tribute to a family member that will bring you right back to the meaning of Christmas.

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Beautiful display! We waved to Brett and told him we loved the display. So sorry for your loss. Best lights I’ve seen in awhile! ❤️

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