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2546 Pioneer Drive, Oakville, Mo. 63129

Tune In: 88.5

Music Plays: Every night!

This homeowner went big and added lights set to music in Oakville MO. The lights in the tall trees are so beautiful, and you can see them from way down the street. We love tunnels, and there are lots of tunnels at this house. Driveway and sidewalk tunnels. Cute inflatables for the little kids to seek and find. Smiling snowmen. But check out that roof with the singing trees and the super bright snowflakes. Neighbors pulled a Ditto! Ha! Use the new selfie-stop in front of the garage door with the bench and pillows. See our video below.

It took me 24 hours to figure out why this light show is so much better than other pixel light shows. Often pixel light shows leave me feeling “-eh” at the end. Not this one. Pixels have a style that is very rigid, straight, or hard geometric shapes, but this display has all those other strands of lights, up in the trees, over the driveway and sidewalk, the trees at the edge of the yard and the snow flakes, and inflatables to soften the edges, and give it more flexibility. That’s why this one works! (for me)

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Wow. 2546 Pioneer in Oakville is amazing. How FUN!!! The Music was a great addition. So much to see and experience. Very creative, you deserve a big pat on the back. Thanks for making Memories for all.

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