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2835 Heather Wood Lane, Festus MO 63028

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Hours: Dusk to 10 PM

Rainy Nights: On nights of rain and wet conditions, over half of the lights do not work as they trigger the GFCI’s. We encourage people to visit during dry nights to ensure the full experience.

Instagram: @verzola.lights for updates.

The best part about his house is that you’ll see it from a long way away, and it just keeps getting better the closer you get. They rimmed the yard in lights, love that, and they really did a great job on the front porch. There are some beautiful Disney characters all decked out in holiday clothes, and Buddy the Elf is standing by Santa and his sleigh. Roll your windows down to hear the music in Festus Mo. All the lights were done by a young man who has a passion for Christmas lights!

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