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3883 Hartford Street, St. Louis MO 63116

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Hours: 6-11PM nightly

Special: Halloween night only, the Trick-or-Treaters will be allowed access to the Haunted back yard!

Welcome to The Haunted House on Hartford Street! I'm absolutely thrilled to add this house to the list, and you’ll see why! From the curb, you’re greeted by the Ferryman, paddling his boney friends to the sea of graves. There’s a bevy of skeletons keeping watch on the front porch. Passing the front of the house, it’s the Scorched Scarecrow and his buddy the Root-of-all-Evil. There are crypt keepers, zombie hands and a whole host of jack-o-lanterns leading you to the Ghostly Gangway!

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins shine,

When shivery shivers run down your spine,

When ghosts and goblins ring the chime,

Beware and be scared – it’s Halloween time”!!!!!

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