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7355 Hearthstone Boulevard, Edwardsville, Ill 62025

This house is SO over-the-top, with a 2023 theme of Jack’s Christmas. The outside of the house is crawling with 2-12 foot skeletons, the tall screaming ghosts, spiders, and that front porch! WOW! But go inside for your treats, and take in the whole Christmas/ Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas theme. Details everywhere... Oogie Boogie in a chair, Jack himself upon the tree. The Christmas tree with hands and spiders! If you live anywhere near Edwardsville, you must go and enter the front doors for the real fun. Expect a long line, there always is!

IMPORTANT: Edwardsville does Trick-or-Treat on Monday, October 30, 2023, don’t miss out!

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