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831 Westrun Drive, Ballwin MO 63021

Hours: Dusk till Morning

Fund Raising: Skeletons for St. Jude, please scan the QR code in the front yard, or use this link: St. Jude

Now spread over three yards! Ahoy-matees, all onboard for a pirate theme. There is a really great collection of scenes across all three yards, and the details to be discovered will have you there for a while. You can walk the path from the sidewalk to the door, and then around the display, but please don’t try to cross into the scenes. Selfie-stops are everywhere! A homemade pirate ship from discarded pallets! Dean the Deathologist is mixing cocktails on the front porch, for all the drunken sailors who are in port. See if you can figure out why the two skeletons are on the roof. The pirates who have found their sunken treasure and will guard it with their lives!

Watch Out! Halloween weekend the ship sets sail for a deadly adventure. Plan to be there and get your share of the loot!

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