9211 Laurel Hill, Crestwood Mo. 63126

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

So much has been added this year, you should definitely put this one on your list!

We love the new white tree, it’s stunning.

That Santa in his sleigh with the reindeer pulling him through the lit ornament is so over the top beautiful, you have to get out of your car to get a good look.

The windows really are amazing, one has Santa riding on a reindeer, the other has Santa riding on a white horse! We've added a video at the bottom.

Years: 25

Lights: 30,000

Lights on: 5:30 PM

Lights off: 11 PM

Dates: Day after Thanksgiving - January 5

Theme: Teddy Bear Christmas Radio Station: 90.1 FM

Details: All decorations are stored on site!

They start decorating for Halloween then transition into Christmas.

Don't Miss: Windows are reminiscent of Famous Barr & Downtown Stores from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Collecting For: St. Patrick Center

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St. Louis Missouri