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1335 Ross Avenue, Maryland Heights MO 63146

Welcome to Ross Manor where Halloween is Celebrated to the MAX.

Visit: October 28, & 31 for the Full Effects, many are not out every night.

This is a tricky one because it’s on a busy road and they’re semi-fenced. Halloween Night: Park around the corner, and walk into their blue-lit cemetery and up to the door... you won’t be sorry.

NEW in 2023: 13 foot tall Jack Skellington!

When we say “the devil is in the details,” it really is! Walk the porch and look at all the family photos, skulls from around the world, the floating candles, the ouija board in action, (see our video below) and those singing pumpkins (video below), many hand made features too numerous to name!

I haven’t even mentioned that a section of the porch is dedicated to Star Wars! They have droids, light sabers, blasters, a section of a space ship, and a speeder bike in the yard with a scene from Return of the Jedi playing behind it! Well done! Jurassic Park has been brought back to the yard in 2022, look for those fun props and dinosaurs too!

We loved the lighting at this house, it’s a great effect and surrounds you!

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