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313 Evergreen Drive, St. Charles MO 63301

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Fourteen years in the making, this is a super creepy Halloween display. But go on Halloween night if you’re looking for the good stuff. You know what I mean!

Word is, they don’t get many kids, let’s change that! Walk the path if you dare...

but little kids might need a hand to hold on to.

Complete with a zombie jail and a baby graveyard, and plenty of decapitated heads. Clowns, did I mention that I don’t like clowns, this yard has Pennywise and more.

New in 2022 is the 12 foot tall Skeleton, a rusty tool collection, and more rats!

The details:

• 9 Animatronics that will only be out if the weather permits

• 53 Skulls + more skulls!

• 250 Rats + more rats!

• 19 Babies + more babies!

• 16 Masks + more masks?

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