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313 Evergreen Drive, St. Charles MO 63301

Fifteen years in the making, this is a super creepy Halloween display. But go on Halloween night if you’re looking for the good stuff. You know what I mean!

Word is, they don’t get many kids, let’s change that! Walk the path if you dare...

but little kids might need a hand to hold on to. This is the only house that truly scares me... it’s Pennywise, and that guy with the dislocated hips and shoulders that lunged at me!

Complete with too many Pennywise heads and full body characters, and plenty of other scary details. New in 2023 is the flying Witch, Inferno Man, and Fresh Eggs???!

The details:

• 16+ Animatronics that will only be out if the weather permits

• 53 Skulls + more skulls!

• 105 babies + more babies, and the Baby in a Toaster!

• 250 Rats + more rats!

• 16 Masks + more masks?

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