423 Central Place, Kirkwood MO 63122

Updated: Jul 13

It’s always a thrill when we get to a house and they have LOTS of features we’ve never seen before. This house in Kirkwood was one of those! Starting with the 4 singing heads, which can also be seen at The Haunted Mansion at Disney World, see the video below. The candle-lit mausoleum. The fenced in grave yard includes a grave breather, what’s that you ask??? See the video below! There is so much to see... like the pumpkin patch with over 35 carved funkins, a levitating body, and look up to see the little eyes looking back at you. This yard is FUN, not gory. Go Trick-Or-Treat here, and take a look around. Oh wait, I almost forgot the hearse driven by the headless horseman and pulled by a skeleton horse. Creativity and ingenuity abound in the home made features you’re going to see. Also, see if you can find the fairy haunted graveyard.

Collecting for:

Kirk Care food drive. https://kirkcare.org

Please bring your non-perishable food items to be dropped in the basket provided.

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