5809 Delor Street, St. Louis MO 63109

Updated: Aug 3

Just off South Hampton, this is a super creepy display with potted heads and hanging body parts. This has become one of my “gold standards” for how to do a display. It’s well lit, there are 10 features for every square foot, and you’ll see something new everytime you visit!

Look For: The Happy Halloween sign made out of license plates, and the hilarious signs that says: Beware Of, Well... Just Beware!

The details are what make this display so special, like hands coming out of the ground to hold the spotlights, the guys on the porch with their sports ball heads, and so many ghouls! 

Spooky Skeletons taking over the house, I’m not sure if they’re helping with the lights, or hurting but it’s very well done!

This display gets better and better every year, and they're having fun doing it!

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