HALLOWEEN: 8830 Windom Avenue Overland, MO 63114

This is a whole other level of creativity! The night we showed up, the movie was

The Lost Boys, the 1987 American horror film directed by Joel Schumacher, starring Corey Haim, Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman, and Dianne Wiest. With a different movie for the kids playing in the early hours.

The full display wasn't quite ready, but we didn't mind.

Plenty to see in this yard! 

Take a seat on that big stuffed teddy bear with the bloody feet if you dare, I hear he’s friendly. 

Have your fortune told.

Watch out for flames shooting up from the main movie screen!

​The creepy clowns in the black light area are new, and the fabulous pipe organ made of recycled parts. We love how this home owner repurposes trash, and makes his display with creativity and ingenuity!

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St. Louis Missouri