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1906 North 16th Street, Swansea IL. 62226

Lights On: 5-11 PM

Until: January 1

Don’t Miss: The manger scene sitting peacefully on the side.

A red and white Christmas light scene that glows around the corner in Swansea Il! The arches are particularly effective at marking the yard leap. There are lots of little Christmas characters to see and discover.

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Love these lights the red and white just makes me feel like candy cane lane has come to life!

THEY REALLY NEED A UPDATED PHOTO BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN WHATS SHOWN IN THIS PHOTO!! thanks 1906 for bringing joy to all of us with your lights every year!

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Laura Thake
Laura Thake
08 dic 2021
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They’re in my list to see this year, thanks for the comment.

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