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6500 Block of Murdoch Ave., St. Louis Hills, Mo. 63109

Updated: Dec 10, 2022


Located behind Ted Drewes enter from Nottingham Ave.

They provide twinkling lights, festive character, cheerful tunes, and some of the merriest lighting displays in all of St. Louis.

It can be really crowded on weekends, prepare for a wait to get in.

It's also a great display to walk through, park outside Murdoch Ave. and take a stroll. Much easier to see on week nights when you just want to drive through.

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Dec 05, 2023

18 years & counting, still a St. Louis Christmas holiday classic neighborhood display that has the routine down & continues to entertain their guests. My wife & our adult daughter & I (multiple year visitors) walked through last night, while the Monday night vehicle traffic continued to grow. We parked on free back-in angle parking on the south side of Nottingham Avenue along the north edge of Francis Park to access Candy Cane Lane & other displays in that part of St. Louis Hills. The drive-through main entry point to Candy Cane Lane is from the west @ Nottingham Ave. & Murdoch Ave. This is a must-see Christmas lights residential display for locals as well as for out-of-town visitors.

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