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6500 Block of Neosho Avenue, St. Louis Hills, Mo. 63109

Updated: Dec 10, 2022


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We love this addition to the neighborhood, with the school-yard fence lit and lights dancing to the music, don't miss this street if you're visiting Candy Cane Lane. We especially love those big snowflake/stars on the trees!

Christmas lights in St. Louis Hills neighborhood.

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Dec 05, 2023

Definitely worth a slow drive down Neosho Street (enter from Donavan Avenue) before or after you visit the nearby Candy Cane Lane & Angel Lane neighborhood displays in St. Louis Hills. Snowflake Lane residential displays are heavy on inflatable characters that young kids enjoy (I particularly liked the large Rubber Duckie). A group of the homeowners do a great job of outlining their small houses with attractive lights complemented by front lawn ornamentation, which can be seen from a distance as you walk or drive along Nottingham Avenue.

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